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We are personally inviting you to join the NaturalFill™ network today to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime marketing opportunity. Dr. Bassin and his team of public relation specialists, internet media strategists and procedure and branding development experts are pleased to announce the launch of a unique marketing opportunity, NaturalFill™ and NaturalFill™, all accessed through

Doctors who become part of the NATURALFILL™ network will instantly enhance their practice through the following benefits:

  1. Exclusivity within the network for your area (different geographic areas have different rules).
  2. Inclusion into a world-wide network of professionals certified to perform these revolutionary and trademark protected procedures ( NaturalFill™ Facial Fat Transfer, NaturalFill™ Natural Breast Enhancement) .
  3. Access to proven, effective television, print and internet advertising materials.
  4. Access to multi-media experts who will design, execute and evaluate your personalized media plan.
  5. Access to a nationally recognized PR company to provide local television network coverage for network physicians (see NaturalFill TV Coverage).
  6. Access to website statistics, reports and analysis for network physicians.
  7. Access to training and live surgical workshops.
  8. Access to international on-line campaign and website ($100,000 design).
  9. Access to on-line press releases for local areas.
  10. Access to Internet Marketing to your local market.
  11. NaturalFill™ personalized before & after books with amazing patient results.
  12. Effective and personalized in office marketing materials.
  13. Link to your website from physician finder.
  14. National PR placements for NaturalFill™ guaranteed to immediately boost your practice's business. (see our media page).

As the program will only allow a limited number of physicians per market area, we strongly urge you to join our network before we are fully subscribed. If you would like to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to become a member of the NaturalFill™ network, please fill in the following information and a member of our team will contact you.

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