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Stem Cells & Fat Transfer

  • Stem cells have unique beneficial properties.
  • Natural fat is rich in stem cells.
  • Gentle harvesting keeps stem cells intact.
  • Stem cells increase fat survival rates.
  • Natural looking & feeling results.
  • No downtime.

Stem Cells & Fat Transfer

Why are stem cells important?

Some of the most exciting scientific research in recent years has been focused on stem cells because of their unique regenerative abilities and potential to generate, restore and maintain healthy tissue. The discovery of a rich, natural supply of stem cells within adult body fat has unlocked new potential for stem cell harvesting.  In fact, harvesting stem cells from fat is vastly more effective than harvesting stem cells from other areas, such as bone marrow.  Recent advances in water jet assisted liposuction help to protect and sustain these beneficial stem cells during the fat harvesting process, ushering in a new era in natural, stem cell enriched fat transfer. 

How do stem cells help improve the results of natural fat transfer?

The idea for removing fat from one area of the body and using it to naturally augment volume in another area is not new.  But, older methods of extracting and transferring fat often produced unsatisfactory results because up to 50% of the transferred fat would not survive.  The NaturalFill® Stem Cell Harvesting  process helps ensure the survival of natural, healthy fat.  Because the process for removing fat is so gentle, fat and stem cells washed from the body are kept intact and viable for transfer.  The stem cells within the fat will encourage the growth of new blood vessels to nourish the transplanted fat and may also stimulate the production of new fat cells.  Your NaturalFill® physician is trained in the most sophisticated techniques for fat transfer, ensuring meticulous placement of stem-cell-rich fat in areas most conducive to fat survival.  Thanks to these advanced NaturalFill® Natural Stem Cell Enriched Fat Transfer  methods, the survival rate for transferred natural fat can be increased to 85% or greater.