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  • Innovative natural fat transfer.
  • More natural-looking results.
  • Smooths facial lines & wrinkles.
  • Enhances breasts.
  • Lifts and shapes buttocks.
  • Rejuvenates hands.

What Is Naturalfill®?

NaturalFill® is an innovative new fat transfer procedure that helps enhance and restore a youthful contour to the face, breasts, lips, hands and buttocks.  Unlike temporary tissue fillers, collagen and implants, NaturalFill® uses your body’s own natural fat to achieve exceptional, long lasting results, with less risk, no downtime, and no need to return for frequent maintenance treatments.  

How can NaturalFill® help me?

As we age, the dermis beneath the skin thins and loses elasticity.  Instead of the rosy, full glow of youth, you can begin to see changes in the face, breasts and even the hands that can make you look tired and older.  Facial lines and wrinkles can develop, and your cheeks can start to look hollowed and sunken.  Loss of volume in the hands can make veins and tendons look more prominent, and breasts may lose their youthful contour.  NaturalFill® can help.  By gently collecting your own natural fat cells and injecting them into areas of depleted volume, NaturalFill® Natural Facial Filler™ can help smooth facial lines and wrinkles, eliminate bags under the eyes, fill out hollowed cheeks, even out skin depressions and acne scarring, improve chin contour, and add volume to the lips.   NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ can help restore the plumpness of youthful hands, while disguising many of the signs of aging in the hands.  NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™ can help enhance volume and shape in the breasts.  NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement can help lift and contour your buttocks, giving you a smoother, more rounded shape.

How does NaturalFill® work?

Thanks to new advances in liposuction techniques, doctors are now able to harvest natural fat cells through a gentler process, so that the cells remain intact and are ready for immediate transfer.  You and your doctor will discuss the best areas of your body from which to remove fat.  During the NaturalFill® process, your natural fat cells will be gently flushed from these targeted areas, and then carefully injected into areas where you want increased volume and youthful fullness. 

How is NaturalFill® different from cosmetic injectables, collagen and implants?

Because NaturalFill® uses your body’s own natural fat to improve contour and restore fullness, the results are more natural looking and long lasting.  When using temporary hyaluronic acid fillers and collagen injections to help smooth wrinkles and improve fullness in the face, hands and lips, patients must return frequently for new treatments to maintain results. That means you could need treatment as often as every six to nine months.  But, with NaturalFill® Natural Facial Filler™ and NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™, there’s no need for follow-up treatments. 
If you’re interested in enhancing your breasts and buttocks, NaturalFill® will allow you to use your own natural fat to improve and augment your breasts and buttocks.  NaturalFill® fat injections can give breasts and buttocks a softer, smoother and more natural-looking appearance. 
Whether you’re seeking to improve your face, breasts, buttocks, hands or lips, with every NaturalFill® procedure, you’ll be using your own natural fat cells, allowing you to reduce the risk of allergic reaction, infection or other complications that can occur when you introduce foreign substances into the body.

What kind of results can I expect with NaturalFill®?

You can expect outstanding, natural-looking and long-lasting results with NaturalFill®. 

How long until I can return to my normal activities after NaturalFill®?

Immediately!  The NaturalFill® procedures don’t require general anesthesia, so there’s virtually no patient downtime.   

Who can I talk to about NaturalFill®, NaturalFill® Natural Facial Filler™, NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™, NaturalFill® Natural Breast Enhancement™ and NaturalFill® Natural Buttocks Enhancement?

The NaturalFill® Physician Network includes doctors who are specially trained in the NaturalFill® procedures.  You should make an appointment for a personal consultation with a trained NaturalFill® doctor. Visit the physician finder to locate a trained NaturalFill doctor in your area.